Plotting data on a map in Julia

Is there any way to plot data with latitude/longitude on a map in Julia?

I am used to folium in Python and ggmap in R:

but I am trying to eliminate my dependencies on other languages as much as I can.


Maybe PlotlyJS works for you if you have point data:

This can do bubble and point plots on maps. If you have raster data or combined raster/vector data, I think GMT.jl can do everything you ever need, but I never got used to its syntax.


Thank you @fabiangans, I will take a look at it soon I find time.

Maybe you can do something with the map example in Luxor


Thank you @lobingera, I will take a look at it. Though I don’t think Luxor is the way to go for plotting spatial data. I am looking forward to see what the Julia community will develop.

I’m not sure much has changed since Package for map visualizations?.

I have some preliminary code for a LeafletJS wrapper, but am not ready to publish it yet, and don’t have the time to work on it in the immediate future. Here’s an example notebook based on an outdated version. It’ll be great if anyone wishes to take it from here to develop them into more polished packages.

That said, I don’t see why Luxor can’t be the way to go for plotting spatial data.


Aweseom @yeesian, thanks for your work and thanks for sharing the links, I will definitely keep an eye on your project, the notebook shows great features already.

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Also, there was a possibility to draw a lines on a map using QWTwPlot package; you can have a look at

If this is something what you need, do not hesitate to ask for additional info or new features…

Best regards, Igor

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We now have a general approach with Makie visualizations directly on the GPU: [ANN] Announcing Meshes.jl - #33 by juliohm

Sharing here for future reference. Sorry for reviving the topic.