Needing to plot streaming vehicle trajectories on a map similar to city or road map


I desparately need a plotting library, platform to plot streaming vehicle trajectories on a city map. I am trying to put distance to python ecosystem and try to stay in julia ecosystem as much as possible but I have not been able to find many options for plotting on a map other than GMT. My problem with GMT is that it create pdf files, and I have difficulty with the ecosystem. I am not a cartography expert, and I do not want to be. There are too many things for me to create a simpe map with annotations. I would like to be able to display trajectories on a map in a web browser if possible, and some interactivity, similar to google maps etc.

I have seen that Makie has a geo extention which I have not tried it out yet. PlotlyJS seems to be able to plotting on maps.

Python has movingpandas, pymove and many others.

I appreciate any directions…

GitHub - MakieOrg/Tyler.jl: Makie package to plot maptiles from various map providers should be able to do the job.