Pkg.update() build errors for multiple packages after update to Julia v0.6


MacOS 10.12.5; I installed the Julia v0.6 binary, ran Pkg.update(), copied the REQUIRE file from ~/.julia/v0.5 to /v0.6, ran Pkg.update() again, and got multiple load errors, culminating in a summary:
WARNING: Rmath, DecFP, NLopt, PyCall, Tk, OSXNotifier, ZMQ, HDF5, IJulia, MbedTLS, Cairo, HttpParser, Homebrew, Nettle and Blosc had build errors.

  • packages with build errors remain installed in /Users/henryolders/.julia/v0.6
  • build the package(s) and all dependencies with"Rmath", "DecFP", "NLopt", "PyCall", "Tk", "OSXNotifier", "ZMQ", "HDF5", "IJulia", "MbedTLS", "Cairo", "HttpParser", "Homebrew", "Nettle", "Blosc")
  • build a single package by running its deps/build.jl script

Should I just remove these packages? Thanks for any help!


I think you should just copy the REQUIRE file from 0.5 folder. I imagine copying all the 0.5 files and folder (most of which will probably not be compatible) will cause a lot of problems and then fire up the repl and do a Pkg.update


That’s what I did - copied just the REQUIRE file. Sorry if that was unclear!



Can you figure out what the first package with build errors was, and can you paste the build output here? It’s possible that one broken package caused a cascade of build issues.


Unfortunately, I don’t think I can. I reverted to 0.5.2 to test something, and now back to 0.6, Pkg.update() says there are no packages to install, update, or remove. I don’t know if the bash window was saved when quitting terminal. However, I suspect that the build errors occurred in the order provided in the summary, ie Rmath, DecFP, NLopt, etc.


I had similar issues and tracked it down to an issue with FunctionalDataUtils.jl ( requiring an old version of SHA.jl that doesn’t work on 0.6, breaking BinDeps.jl and all downstream packages.
Pkg.checkout("FunctionalDataUtils") solved it for me.