Pkg problems with Pluto and github page

I need some help on a package problem.

I’ve read this document, but it was hard to understand even though the doc explain very kindly.

The problem is that I uploaded my pluto notebook( .jl file) on my github repository. The first one was OK. However the second one was not working at all from the very start (importing packages).

The error message

ArgumentError: Package Distributions not found in current path:

  • Run import Pkg; Pkg.add("Distributions") to install the Distributions package.

From the document, I think this error may linked with “manifest.toml”. I don’t know

For informations, I use the template to upload notebook files on github page.
The link →

Thanks! :+1:

Hey @RickandMortyforever, glad you’re checking out the static export template! It’s my understanding that you shouldn’t need a separate Project or Manifest.toml since they are baked right into the notebook if using Pluto’s built-in package manager. In other words, you shouldn’t need to install the packages yourself before using them in a notebook with this method.

Trying a quick Distributions.jl example with the template also looks to be working fine on my end I think, (example repo here). Is this the general setup that you were trying earlier?

It just worked with no reason…
I should have deleted this post. Sry.
And thx for trying to help me!