Batch process Pluto.jl notebooks to update packages

I’m wondering how to specify that packages in a Pluto notebook get updated when use github action with PlutoSliderServer.jl static export. I have the following in my .toml and I’m not sure if it’s updating the package versions:

            - name: Set up notebook state cache
              uses: actions/cache@v2
                  path: pluto_state_cache
                  key: runner.os−plutostatecache−v2−
{{ hashFiles('**/Project.toml', '**/Manifest.toml', '.github/workflows/*' ) }}-${{ hashFiles('**/*jl') }}
                  restore-keys: |
{{ hashFiles('**/Project.toml', '**/Manifest.toml', '.github/workflows/*' ) }}

            - name: Run & export Pluto notebooks
              run: julia -e 'using Pkg;
                  import PlutoSliderServer;


Also, f I use a different Julia version than the one I used to create the notebooks, I get the following error in the action log file:

┌ Error: Pkg error: you might need to use
│ Pluto.reset_notebook_environment(notebook_path)
│ to reset this notebook's environment.

As a side note, if I update the notebook packages manually on a local Pluto server. I’ll see in the session terminal:

Warning: The active manifest file at `/tmp/jl_nLyz4l/Manifest.toml` has an old format that is being maintained.
│ To update to the new format, which is supported by Julia versions ≥ 1.6.2, run `Pkg.upgrade_manifest()` which will upgrade the format without re-resolving.
│ To then record the julia version re-resolve with `Pkg.resolve()` and if there are resolve conflicts consider `Pkg.update()`.

Just trying to understand the best way to update the packages in notebook, how to do it in batch, and issues with using a different Julia version than the one used to initially create the Pluto notebook.