Pkg error ...HELP

hello guys,

I am writing using Pkg but it gets a red underline
What should I install or do to fix this error

Did you save your file as .jl?

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Thanks alot

Why do I get CSV not defined here ?

Usually you add your packages in the REPL:

julia> using Pkg
julia> Pkg.add("CSV")

And then, in your file where you want to read the data, you write:

using CSV"etc.csv")

Please check:

You can also add packages in different environments, but that’s another story.

Can you please send me a good link for how to get starting with reading and procession data in excel files with julia

I need to get information out of the data here

I saw you had a .csv file in the example. Although .csv files can be opened in Excel, I suggest doing the reading/processing in Julia, using CSV
If you have .xlsx files, then you can read them with XLSX