Using CSV issues

Hello. I have an easy task which is to read a CSV file.
I typed in my REPL this:

using Pkg

then I write
using CSV and press enter

I get this msg “Julia has exited Press enter to start a new session”

Why does this happen, please?julia exit

what is your julia version and CSV version

this is my version
How do I know my CSV verison… I am using excel 2010 CSV (comma delimited)

CSV(comma delimited)

sorry, I mean your CSV package version

I dunno it
I typed
using Pkg

try a newer Julia version then, something like 1.3

I did
look what I get now

use /; also, in your first path, F:\ should be F:\\

like this?

use /, why are you keep using \?? on Windows, either you escape correctly( F:\ should be F:\\), or you let Julia handle it, which means use Unix convention.


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It worked
Thank you so much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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eh… don’t mix them! why not / all the way?


yes, true