Csv file not a valid file

Excel files are basically CSV files, aren’t they ?
What could be the reason my excel file “branch” be not considered a valid CSV file… This is the error msg I get.not a valid csv vifle

If you open it in a text editor, does it look like a CSV file?

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Excel files are indeed not much like CSV files at all. In fact, an Excel file is internally a ZIP file containing XML files. However, packages do exist for reading Excel files into Julia. Try XLSX.jl.

where do i write xlsx.jl pls ?

You can install it by typing ]add XLSX in your REPL.

i TYPED this in my REPL


but I got the same error

Try typing ]add XLSX, and remember to capitalize.

yes it is added
I git a msg of no change but after I run the main code, I get the same error . what could be the reason pkg

What code are you trying to run? Are you using the XLSX package as in this tutorial?