Pkg Automatically adding dependencies


I am a beginner-beginner to building a package.
I understood what Pkg.add does and more or less why.
I am a bit lazy.
Would there be a way to Pkg.add automatically, based on the source code?



I’m not aware of anything. Doing that would be in the domain of your editor so you might try looking for plugin packages there. It might not be too hard to create one, or add that functionality to the existing Julia plugins for VSCode or Atom.

Although I would recommend that you have setting in the editor to disable it. Not everyone is using the public packages some are using local packages, packages added by URL, packages on branches/tags, etc.

I am only using JupyterLab.
What would be the best IDE?

“Best” is such a loaded word, especially when talking about people’s preferences. I believe “uber-juno” was created for Atom first, so it is the “maturest.” However development on the Atom editor itself has slowed down since GitHub was bought by Microsoft. There is also a plugin for Visual Studio/Code OSS which is newer but has made significant improvements in recent months.

My experience has been that the Atom integration feels a little “cleaner/easier” than with Code OSS but functionality wise both appear to be in much the same place.

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