Permission Denied when installing package with Julia 1.8.1 on Windows

Windows 10 laptop. Julia Version 1.8.1 (2022-09-06)
I upgraded using juliaup yesterday

julia> using BenchmarkTools
│ Package BenchmarkTools not found, but a package named BenchmarkTools is available from a registry.
│ Install package?
│ (@v1.8) pkg> add BenchmarkTools
└ (y/n/o) [y]: y
ERROR: IOError: stat(“C:\Users\john_hearns\.julia\registries\CEFCc7a.General.tar.gz.TBD”): permission denied (EACCES)

I am sure this is just an error in my particular setup.
However I thought we had got over the quirks with Windows permissions which Julia had in the past?

Just to be sure: you didn’t run e.g. juliaup in a cmd/pwsh with admin privileges?

There was someone on discourse recently, who had access problems but with Julia binary and folders in AppData hidden folder.

One way to solve this would probably be to delete the registries folder and let Julia rebuild it, but that obviously does not solve the cause of this.