File access error on Arch: ERROR: IOError: stat: permission denied (EACCES) for file "/usr/bin/../etc/julia/startup.jl"

Trying to play around with julia on Archlinux, I installed the julia package and generated a tiny printing script.
When run like so:

$ julia hello.jl         

I get this error:

ERROR: IOError: stat: permission denied (EACCES) for file "/usr/bin/../etc/julia/startup.jl"

While running without the startup file works:

 $ julia --startup-file=no hello.jl

This is exceedingly strange to me, as all parts of the /etc/julia/startup.jl path have worl read and execute rights!

What may be going on here?

Are you sure the path is correct?

shell> realpath /usr/bin/../etc/julia/startup.jl


$ realpath /usr/bin/../etc/julia/startup.jl
realpath: /usr/bin/../etc/julia/startup.jl: Permission denied

But where does that weird path come from?

No idea. How did you install Julia?

Some fundamental configuration must be off …

Just to double check, are you using the official Julia binaries downloaded from this page: Download Julia