Package removed from

For some reason, my Grassmann.jl package was removed from the website.

Don’t know where I can file a github issue about this, so I opened this thread instad.

What exactly do you mean by removed? When I type “Grass” into the search box it’s the first suggestion, and it links me to the GitHub package and this package documentation

That’s strange, because it doesn’t show up at all when I search for it.

This is what I see - for some reason you aren’t listed as the package author but the rest of the info is there


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It also doesn’t show up under the tag for math, which it used to do. Somebody please fix that.

That I can confirm - your Reduce package shows up (including you as the author), but Grassman doesn’t.

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Tags are based on the GitHub repo tags/keywords IIRC, and math is not one of your tags.

That is incorrect, math is one of the github tags and it used to show up properly.

Clearly there is a glitch with and not with the repository.

Yeah, that’s a bug. Will look into that.

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Okay, I can’t see it :man_shrugging:

These are the tags I see

Look in the top right corner when viewing the repo on github:

FWIW, this is what I see as well. Lots of tags.

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I guess it gets contracted on mobile.

Registered new version 0.5.3 so let’s see what happens on in response

The problem is still not fixed.

Where can I open a pull request to fix the issue?

We’re going to update the service at soon and host it at a different location. As a result, we’re not actively working on the currently available version.

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