Package installation GUI

I want to work on the VSCode extension for GSoC.
I tried to work on the Package Installation UI idea. I looked up some existing vscode extensions. After looking into many extensions, I got the idea to create the extension using json, js, vue.js.

In this, we can provide user with package installer gallery (An interactive GUI) where user can search for packages in julia and can install/remove/update using buttons.

For getting package I am trying to use Julia package registry, every time when an user open the extension it will update the registry.

We were told to use toml, but can we use js instead?
I haven’t explored too deep in this idea. So I am open for any changes in the idea or any suggestions.

Hello & welcome. I don’t have any specific answer for you, but have you seen this recent thread here on Discourse?

Yes, I have seen this thread.

It can show the installed packages and can install only packages in the toml files.
But this doesn’t use the GUI in extension.

Also, I want to use js.