How to install the extension without Microsoft's Marketplace?

Sadly, all the instructions assume willingness to use the Microsoft-built VS Code release and the Marketplace. How to use Julia in my Code editor without the Marketplace?

Is it possible to install it using these files?

e.g. language-julia-1.6.31.vsix

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Yeah, on the Extensions pane, in the ellipsis ... menu, there’s an ‘Install from VSIX…’ option. I’ve used it successfully for other extensions before.

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There is GitHub - VSCodium/vscodium: binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing which uses


Ah, I was wondering where my VS Codium was fetching extensions from, its search bar also just says “Search Extensions in Marketplace” so I wasn’t sure. @nsajko I’m curious what your setup is, do you use some other custom VS Code binary other than VS Codium?

I use Code OSS as packaged by Archlinux. In fact, it already had the OpenVSX-thingie marketplace, it’s just that I never used Code before :sweat_smile:

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