Package installation UI

I am willing to work on the VSCode extension for GSoC.
Just to warm up I tried to work on the Package installation UI idea. This evening I hacked something together. For now, it can:

  • Install the packages in the toml files,
  • display the installed packages as shown below, I know it doesn’t look like the actual extension marketplace!

One thing I am sure about is which package registry should the search use?


@davidanthoff @pfitzseb, I would appreciate your input!

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Awesome! That is definitely a feature that would help a lot.

In terms of UI, my thinking originally was that this would be implemented via a custom editor for Project.toml files. I guess the route you took now was to put an installed package editor in the sidebar, and that would presumably correspond to the currently active environment, right? I think I see good arguments for both approaches right now, not sure what the best story there would be…

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Another option would be code-lenses in a normal editor.

A language server for Project.toml files!

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The custom editor will give more freedom, and won’t be too constrained by space. But I am not sure how code-lens and custom language server will handle installing new packages.

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Can we move this discussion to GitHub?