Package installation UI

I am willing to work on the VSCode extension for GSoC.
Just to warm up I tried to work on the Package installation UI idea. This evening I hacked something together. For now, it can:

  • Install the packages in the toml files,
  • display the installed packages as shown below, I know it doesn’t look like the actual extension marketplace!

One thing I am sure about is which package registry should the search use?


@davidanthoff @pfitzseb, I would appreciate your input!

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Awesome! That is definitely a feature that would help a lot.

In terms of UI, my thinking originally was that this would be implemented via a custom editor for Project.toml files. I guess the route you took now was to put an installed package editor in the sidebar, and that would presumably correspond to the currently active environment, right? I think I see good arguments for both approaches right now, not sure what the best story there would be…

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Another option would be code-lenses in a normal editor.

A language server for Project.toml files!

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The custom editor will give more freedom, and won’t be too constrained by space. But I am not sure how code-lens and custom language server will handle installing new packages.

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Can we move this discussion to GitHub?

Not sure where the current discussion is on this topic but it would be nice if this interface had a clear way of displaying what the current environment is and have the ability to activate the local env and install the packages in that environment.

I can see a lot of people just installing packages in the default environment. Maybe it would be nice to display a short note what environments are if none is not initiated.

The discussion has been moved to GitHub.
Thanks for your suggestion. Currently, the active environment is displayed in the status bar at the bottom, as shown below.

You can switch between different environments by clicking on it and selecting the one you need.

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