Package developers: what version of Julia to run tests on?

I recently realized that the Julia LTS version is now 1.6 rather than 1.0 (Julia v1.7.0 has been released and v1.6 is now LTS). As a package developer, what version of Julia should I be having my tests run on?

Today, I use GitHub actions (workflow yaml), and run tests on:

  • The oldest version I support (1.0, which was the LTS when I first upgraded the package to 1.x)
  • The most recent stable release (1)

Should I also be specifying 1.6 since that’s the LTS?

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I always just do the latest stable plus the earliest reasonable version that people should be using. At this point, I would call that 1.6. For any new packages I write going forward, I will specify a lower bound of 1.6.

For packages I previously developed, I keep the lower bound at whatever it was at the time (not always 1.0, sometimes 1.3 because that release had a number of new things I use).

I am not a power developer though, so perhaps maintainers of more used packages would be more conservative.