Best practices for testing on LTS and latest release (Travis, ...)

Whenever a new minor version of Julia is released, I just add that version to my .travis.yml. I recently realized that this leads to a lot of testing on versions that are no longer supported.

Is there a way to test on the LTS and the latest minor version automatically, without manual intervention? I am aware that I can do

language: julia
  - 1.0
  - 1

which will currently give me 1.0.5 and 1.5.1, but that still requires specifying the LTS manually.


If not travis, can github actions do this?

I think a version specifier like 1-lts could make sense.

@ararslan @staticfloat @StefanKarpinski, what do you think?


I think once upon a time we talked about adding an “LTS” alias to the setup-Julia GitHub Action.

@SaschaMann @davidanthoff What did we decide?


Back then we decided against hardcoding it into the action, because one should not have to update the action to install a new Julia version. This matters when you vendor the action or pin it to a hash for security reasons. The versions are still hardcoded atm but hopefully at some point I’ll finally fix that. If the machine-readable julia version file that is/was in the works (would have to find the exact issue but it’s linked on the repo somewhere) would include it, or there was a separate file containing that info, we could include it easily.