Own Registry Problems

I’m managing a small registry for Julia packages related to molecular simulation. I’ve recently started to run into errors that I don’t understand and cannot fix usually I’ll find a workaround that I don’t understand either. I would appreciate some advise, on my current difficulty:

The following is an excerpt from SHIPs.jl : Project.toml

name = "SHIPs"
uuid = "07029e18-8f70-11e9-35ce-2d4df590abdc"
version = "0.5.6"

JuLIP = "945c410c-986d-556a-acb1-167a618e0462"
# ... 

JuLIP = "0.8.13"
# ... 

I double-checked the uuid and version number are correct. I create an empty project, activate it and try to add SHIPs

] add SHIPs

This gives the following error message:

ERROR: Unknown package JuLIP found in the compatibility requirements of SHIPs [07029e18]
Stacktrace: ...

JuLIP is registered in the same registry, the relevant line is

945c410c-986d-556a-acb1-167a618e0462 = { name = "JuLIP", path = "J/JuLIP" }

In this case I seem to have no workaround at all other than manually cloning SHIPs.jl into the dev directory.

Maybe one comment to add : if I activate the SHIPs.jl project, then I can run up, resolve, test, etc without problems.

I fear I must have messed up my registry at some point, but I just cannot find any mistakes. Any help or suggestions what to look for would be greatly appreciated.

In https://github.com/JuliaMolSim/MolSim/blob/d1e9159377bd685cf0c0a79f75043b482703b126/S/SHIPs/Deps.toml you claim that JuLIP is a dependency for the version ranges [0-0.4) and [0.5.5-1.0) for SHIPs.jl. Note that the version 0.4 is excluded.

However, in https://github.com/JuliaMolSim/MolSim/blob/d1e9159377bd685cf0c0a79f75043b482703b126/S/SHIPs/Compat.toml you have a compatibility bound on JuLIP for [0.4 - 1.0) (0.4 included). So for v0.4 of SHIPs.jl you claim compatibility with a packages that is not listed as a a dependency.

Thank you - that solved it.