Difficulty registering new package (Deps.toml no such file)

I have registered several packages in the past, but my latest one fails for a reason I don’t understand. I see this error message in https://github.com/JuliaRegistries/General/actions...:

ERROR: LoadError: "/home/runner/work/General/General/P/PythagoreanTriples/Deps.toml": No such file

My package doesn’t rely on any others. I haven’t seen this error before. Do I need to create a Deps.toml file? Where? Leave it empty?


This will be fixed by Allow the `Deps.toml`, `WeakDeps.toml`, and `Compat.toml`, and `WeakCompat.toml` files to not exist by DilumAluthge · Pull Request #495 · JuliaRegistries/RegistryCI.jl · GitHub

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Looks like all checks passed. THANK YOU!

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