On the market

Hello all,

My current funding is nearing an end, and I’m starting to look around for what’s next.

Now for some shameless self-promotion… I’m the lead developer of Soss.jl and MeasureTheory.jl, as well as 14 other registered Julia packages, with a total of 944 stars. I have a math PhD, and I’ve been using Julia since 2015. My publications have mostly been opportunistic - publication has never been an end in itself for me. But I do have a not-tiny number of these, including some I’ve led at ICML and NeurIPS. My most recent publication is Applied Measure Theory for Probabilistic Modeling with @mschauer, from JuliaCon 2021. You can find it here.

A lot of my work has been very applied – industry and national lab stats consulting, software development, algorithm optimization, etc. But I also enjoy a bird-eye view – digging into fundamentals to get a deeper understanding of a given application.

I’ve been an individual contributor as well as a technical lead. I enjoy both, and hope to find something with a good mix of both aspects. I enjoy writing and presenting material, working to make complex ideas easier to understand. I love learning new things, as well as mentoring.

I always feel kind of weird writing these things - thanks for bearing with me :slight_smile:


My employer has open positions for a “Senior Software Engineer” and an “Open Data Specialist” in Scientific Computing. There is quite a bit of potential flexibility including remote options or a contract based role. If you’re at all interested, let me know.

In fact, I think one of our labs has been inquiring about probabilistic modeling lately.


Also the Allen Institute in Seattle has a few open positions:


I work for Pumas-AI. We’re hiring: https://pumas.ai/company/scientist/


I work at Guy Carpenter, a reinsurance brokerage, looking for strong .net developers for our financial simulation software. Remote team.

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I don’t know if Dynare is still hiring, but I had no idea the project relied so much on Bayesian methods. See the recent controversy over DSGE estimation here.


I just realized I hadn’t updated this. I’ve recently joined https://www.basis.ai/. Thanks all for the leads!