(not julia) Help make PPE for Hospitals (3-D printer required)

Many hospitals especially in the USA are in dire need of PPE and may not get it on time given the pandemic. For instance University of Michigan Hospital is accepting 3-D printed face shields (https://www.clickondetroit.com/all-about-ann-arbor/2020/03/26/ann-arbor-residents-join-effort-to-print-medical-gear-at-home/). I am personally working on this, but if any other Julians have 3-D printers and can help it could save lives. Please look into your local hospitals to help (if you can), and if there isn’t anything public posted make a call and see what their policy/needs are.

I know this isn’t exactly the correct location for this post but given the circumstances, this is a close enough place to post this I think.

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Just to give more details. I have been able to print a single face shield (main component) in 2.75hrs at 0.3mm layer spacing and 60mm/s printspeed (100% infill).

The process for delivery as I understand it is: write the kind of plastic used to print the material on the material, drive to a set location, and drop all items into a bucket of bleach for sterilization. The drop point near me does not require the plastic film for the actual mask just the head band,

I’ve been able to print 3 today but am going to order more filament and scale production a bit more…