Using Jetson Nano as replacement for RPi (3D printing)

I’d like to use a Jetson Nano as replacement for multiple RPi’s to control several 3D printers. Octoprint is my preferred tool at the start. Octoprint is written in Python so my first labor of love is to translate it into Julia for the added performance gains (and fun!) MUCH communication between the Nano and the 3D printer over USB is a factor.
The comms chain is Host Pc → Nano → 3D printer.
I hope to also return video feed of the operating printers to the host via the Nano.

Has anyone done this already?
Does is sound doable?
Does it sound like a Herculean effort? :frowning:
Thanks for the help!

I think start by writing down a lit of the functionality you are trying to create. That will help you see what needs to be developed. I think this is doable but probably a multi month to year project… And then maintenance…