Not getting Juno notifications



Okay, I’m having what feels like a weird problem that I can’t find guidance on.

On another Windows 10 computer, I installed Atom+Juno, and loved getting notifications when my process completed.

I migrated to a new Windows 10 computer, and now I get audible notifications when there’s an error, but I no longer get the audible or visual notification when the Julia process completes. I tried turning off and on the “Notifications” setting in julia-client .

I guess my main problem is that I don’t even know how to investigate the problem. Does it belong here or in atom’s environment?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



Here’s a good place.

Notifications only occur when you aren’t focused on the Atom window. Did you make sure that was the case?


Yeah, I made sure of that. Here’s a screencapture to make sure I’m not doing anything stupid.


Can you try evaluating Juno.notify("Notification from Juno!") somewhere? That should always display a notifictation independently of any setting.


Sorry. I have since moved to Linux, and the notifications are working. Thanks for following up, though.