No Julia option in packages menu


I want to open a console , there is no julia option in the packages menu and the hot key option doesn’t work . Any ideas as to what the problem might be ?

Can you give more details? What system are you talking about? How did you install Julia? What is the “packages menu” and what is the “hotkey”?

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While waiting for the context needed to answer your actual question, here’s the normal way to start a Julia repl:

  1. Open a terminal (Windows Terminal/Mac terminal/[if you’re on Linux you already know which terminal you use])
  2. Write julia
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This won’t work by default if julia is not in the PATH, which is not the case by default on Mac or Windows. Instead, on Mac and Windows you normally double-click on the Julia program.

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I don’t know if I had to manually add Julia to path on windows, but maybe I did. It’s just a reflex at this point.

It used to be entirely manual, since 1.6 (I believe) the Windows installer offer the option to add to path, although it is not selected by default. Also it adds it to the end of the list, so if another version of Julia is already installed, julia will continue to start that older version unless one reorders the entries.

I think I was following some bad instructions, sorry I am new to this , I had a good play with Julia/Juno over the weekend and made good progress. Thanks for all your help.


At least on Windows one can install Julia from the Windows Store now and then julia will be on the PATH without any extra configuration, and it also shows up as a profile in Windows Terminal, in addition to the traditional start menu option. We could probably start to recommend that as the default way to install Julia on Windows, it has been very stable and working well for a couple of months now… Plus folks get auto-update notifications when new Julia versions are released :slight_smile: