Start Julia directly in shell> or pkg> mode?

Hi! Is it possible to start a Julia REPL from the command line directly in shell> or pkg> mode without having to type ; or ], respectively, after the REPL loads? For example, something like:

$ julia
$ julia --shell-mode
$ julia --pkg-mode

The reason I ask is because I would like to make the Julia shell> prompt my default terminal in vscode, but I sometimes encounter issues when extensions (e.g. C++ debugging) try to run commands from the default julia> terminal, e.g. julia> cmd /C "..." instead of shell> cmd /C "...".


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I think shell mode isn’t “sticky”, right? eg. if you enter REPL shell mode, execute something, it will exit shell mode. So I’m not sure how useful that would be.

It is sticky in version 1.6.


I’m not there yet!

@tbeason ah yeah I should mention I’m using the 1.6.0 beta, so definitely sticky.

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