Next portable Julia in VSCode

The whole package consists of a couple of scripts that install Git and a working Julia and preconfigured VSCode. Everything is confined to a single folder (including the Julia depot). A julia tutorial is installed and opened in the editor. The whole installation takes about 2 minutes.

Intended for novices on Windows 10/11.

Feedback will be appreciated.


Does it include bash?

Yes, as part of the Git installation.

Great! I still provide bash scripts for building a system image…

How do you install it? Downloading the zip file, unpacking it at any location (I guess a location at a path without spaces in the path name) and run the .bat file?


Why not have a united effort behind JuliaWin?

JuliaWin is a great tool. But, too many options, too heavy. I needed something a person would install by a single click. Plus, everything ends up in a single folder. It should be doable to get this folder to be anywhere, for instance on my key chain USB stick.

Edit: USB stick is not a good idea. Using Julia means a lot of files. Not good for a slow file system such as a USB drive.


I see. Won’t the pre packages ZIP’s of JuliaWin do that?

Well, JuliaWin does not include git and bash which I find very usefull…

Actually, spaces in the path are ok for this installer (but not necessarily advisable in general).

It does include it, but not a native launcher.
I think it should be done easily. @heetbeet , Could you comment on that?