Could not get Julia run on VS Code



I want to try the Julia plug-in for VS code, I successfully got it working on my windows machine but could not get it working on my linux machine.

My OS is Fedora 25 and Julia 6.2 and I followed the instruction to add this line:

“julia.executablePath”: “/usr/bin/julia”,

to the preference setting, but it didn’t work.

update: I solved this issue by using double forward slash…

Also, I could not find the work space that lists all my defined variables in VS Code. This kind of work space is available in Atom.


Perhaps a really dumb question, but you made sure to confirm you have the executable at /usr/bin/julia? Ie,

$ ls /usr/bin

shows that julia is there (and not, for example, in /usr/local/bin)? You can also try that running $ /usr/bin/julia from the command line launches Julia.


I did check that,

$whereis julia

The path is correct


Backward slash, right? At least on Windows…

We don’t have that at the moment. We have a prototype, but it is not stable enough yet to include in the released version.


Thanks for your work on the julia plug-in in VS Code. I installed VS Code with julia plug-in on all my machines (2 windows, 1 fedora, 1 centos) today, and I think I finally find the right editor for Julia.

Personal opinion:
Atom it is just too slow, and takes too much cpu capacity when it is running. Also, I did not notice that it is almost 1G in windows and about 450 MB in Linux until I uninstalled it today, that is larger than most languages themselves.