I have Windows portable Julia1.8.3. How to install?

i have downloaded Julia 1.8.3 Windows. Can i directly use with Julia.exe application from the /bin folder?
i must do some sort of installation too?

Welcome @kkm .
Yes, as you said, just double click the julia.exe in bin.
If you want something to install don’t download portable but the (installer). Or, you may use juliaup which is what you get if you search for Julia in the Windows Store but i recommend for now just use what you have (to avoid confusion at the beginning).

On Windows the easiest thing to do is using JuliaWin.

Thank you. I will try.

Thank you. I will try a bit later. and it seems need to install and linked Jupytor etc. i would love to do it. but frankly i get confuse with JupytorNotebook. :wink:

No, that’s what nice about JuliaWin, it works out of the box.
Everything was configured for you. Just fire up VS Code (Installed with it) and everything is hooked up.