New julia 1.7 install with jill: how transfer julia 1.6 packages (macos)

Under macOS I had previously installed julia 1.6* directly from Download Julia. This created ~/.julia/, which includes subdirectories config, environments, packages, and others. In particular, packages that I install go into and then used the package manager to install many packages – which go into ~/.julia/packages.

Now I’ve used jill to install julia 1.7. How do I access those previously installed packages or move them to where the new version of julia expects to find them?

If your packages are in the default environment, you should copy ~/.julia/environments/v1.6 to v1.7:
cp -r ~/.julia/environments/v1.6 ~/.julia/environments/v1.7

Also, from here it looks like if you do

jill install 1.7.0 --update

Jill will do that for you.

Executing “jill install 1.7.0 --update” led to error message: “Could not consume arg: --update” !

Oh, sorry for the noise then. Copying the environments folder should work.

Don’t you need a final slash in the copy? To copy the contents of v1.6 as opposed to the folder itself into v1.7, I’d expect to need an extra slash:
cp -r ~/.julia/environments/v1.6/ ~/.julia/environments/v1.7

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Yes, you are right if v1.7 is already created. If it isn’t it would work without the slash.

This is shown here in this post

cd ~/.julia
cd environments/
cp -rp v1.6/ v1.7