How to inherit packages from Julia 1.6.4?

I have installed Julia 1.7.0. But it does not recognize (load) the packages installed in the previous Version Julia 1.6.4.

(@v1.7) pkg> up
    Updating registry at `C:\Users\Hermesr\.julia\registries\General`
    Updating git-repo ``
  No Changes to `C:\Users\Hermesr\.julia\environments\v1.7\Project.toml`
  No Changes to `C:\Users\Hermesr\.julia\environments\v1.7\Manifest.toml`

(@v1.7) pkg> st
      Status `C:\Users\Hermesr\.julia\environments\v1.7\Project.toml` (empty project)

(@v1.7) pkg>

What to do?

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As you can see from the file paths, the 1.7 environment is different from the 1.6 environment:


is not the same file as


you can copy over your Project.toml from 1.6 into the 1.7 folder, although ideally this shouldn’t be necessary as you shouldn’t have many packages in the default environment anyways!


See also the answer in the FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions · The Julia Language?

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