New book: Hands-on Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia

I prefer the formatting and coloring. Also, it’s also easier to move between sections and quickly scan the content. I guess I’m just more used to reading programming documentation online than in book format.

Got it. By the way, if you open then PDF using Acrobat Reader then the table of content is available in the left navigation so you can still jump around pretty easily.

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Do you mean a view like this? I purchased the book and am able to access it from my Packt account.


Yes thats exactly what I meant, thanks!

I recently finished of reading the book, it is a great book with a lot of good suggestions, and information. Very recommendable!

Thanks you @tk3369 for writing it.


I don’t know if this helps your case at all but I’ve been accessing it through my university’s subscription services. I’d expect other students would try the same and sales wouldn’t be reflective of popularity. I just want to make sure your publishers know your work is being used in a way that makes them money outside of direct sales.


Thanks, that’s good to know :slight_smile:

To my readers:
It would be very helpful if you can write a review on Amazon. I love your feedbacks here but it would be nice to get the words outside of this community as well, so more people can get to know the beauty of the Julia language :julia:

Here’s the link to submit a review.


Just learned about this after seeing something on Reddit, which linked to something on Hacker News, which led me here. Bought it instantly. Thanks to @tk3369 for writing it, and to @PetrKryslUCSD and @Alec_Loudenback about where to buy it!


Really enjoying the read. :slight_smile:

On page 190 I found the sub-headline
Utilizing remove text parametric type for the
stock trading app

Is this intended?
Another typo on p. 243: We should be must happier…
p. 310: …is to create assessor functions…

Cool, I’m glad that you like it. Maybe you can submit a review on Amazon when you’re done :slight_smile:

Yes, the heading was messed up during typesetting. It should be:
Utilizing parametric type for the stock trading app