"Julia Programming Projects", my hands-on Julia book for beginners, is out

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my introductory Julia book, “Julia Programming Projects” is out, after more than a year in the making! It’s a book for beginners which takes the readers through increasingly challenging development projects, gently introducing the theoretical aspects of the language while solving real-world problems with Julia.

The projects are very diverse, from data analysis to web scraping and web development, to supervised and unsupervised ML, to time series forecasting. In the process, many top packages are used and discussed, including DataFrames, Plots, Query, Gadfly, TimeSeries, HTTP, and many others.

I want to thank the authors for their great Open Source work - as I want to thank you all for your invaluable support during my own learning journey!

The book is available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Julia-1-0-Example-Adrian-Salceanu-ebook/dp/B076WWYYCC

The team at Packt was so kind and at my request, have set up a discount code: use JPPAS40 to get 40% off the regular price - available for the first 50 books only.

There is also a number of 25 ebooks offered for free, if you are happy to review the book. If interested, please message me for details.


Thank you, this sounds very interesting! There is «Web UI» in the table of contents - what libraries did you used for that? Is this a full-featured GUI with drop-downs, menus, etc?

No, it’s just a simple web frontend for exposing the data scraped in the previous chapter, made with basic HTML and CSS.

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Book purchased with discount!

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Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy it! If you find it helpful, it would mean a lot if you could leave a review.
For any questions, you can visit the Github repo, open issues, etc. I’ll be around.

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I’d like to have a look at it for review please!

Can you message me for details, please?