[ANN] ReusePatterns.jl

Hi Julians!

I’m pleased to announce ReusePatterns.jl, a collection of tools aimed at implementing code reusing patterns in Julia.

Specifically, the package allows to easily implement composition and concrete subtyping of Julia structures, and comes with thorough documentation and several examples.

Besides the implemented functionalities, the development of ReusePatterns has been very useful to me to deepen my understanding of the code reuse patterns, and to summarize how these patterns can be implemented in Julia. I also tried to recap everything in the README.md file.

Comments/suggestion to improve the package are very welcome!


Hi @gcalderone. I have recently discovered this package and I am thinking of using it in one of my package.

I have been trying ro find ways to reuse patterns in Julia and I think this package aligns with what I need. I will bug you with my questions.