Second edition for Hands-on Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia?

Hi there!

I’m the author of the book, and I’m considering updating it with a second edition.

What would you like to add/update/remove? Your opinion counts! :pray:

  • Any new topics or language features?
  • Any suggestions for improvements?

Here’s an official / anonymous survey with just a few questions. Your help is highly appreciated :slight_smile:


When do you think the second edition of your book will be available?

Hi. Thanks for your interest.

Unfortunately, I’m really busy at work and not able to make any meaningful progress. So the project is pretty much considered cancelled at this point until I am able to find time.

Edit 1:
On the bright side, if I happen to have a bit of time then I might still contribute via blogs or other forms of media.


Advanced examples of embedding Julia in a C / C++ code would be great. Mainly for large projects.

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