Name suggestions for VS Code

Name suggestions:

  • Culia
  • Coolia
  • Cudia
  • Codia


  • JCodia

Well, one of its interesting advantages is that it based on LanguageServer.jl (which is also useful for extensions of other editors), so why not put together “Julia” + “LS”: Jules

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Julia + Code = Jude


That means Jew in German.

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Fair enough, I see what you’re getting at. I can understand that there might be some reservations to give it such a name. Just for clarification: it’s also used as a normal name, see for example Jude Law who is a famous English actor.

I’d be in favour of Codia, I think, as it sounds nice and doesn’t seem constructed. Also there’s very little connotation to it.

Juventas (aka Juventus) - child of Jupiter and Juno


I do like the reasoning but I think that Jules sounds too much like a derivative of the Julia language instead of an IDE package for it.

Totally gives new meaning to “Hey Jude” for me…

Is this about the Julia plugin for VS Code? At the risk of being pedestrian, I would keep with julia-vscode, or camelcase it as JuliaVSCode. Ultimately the name does not matter much, and at least this

  1. is self-explanatory, and
  2. should be easy to find with search engines.

I think julia-vscode or JuliaVSCode are pretty lackluster although you’re right that they’re self-explanatory. Although I reckon whoever is searching for Julia support for VS Code will not need the name of the package to be explanatory.

Imho there’s also not really a reason to attribute for search engines as they will be easily able to search subtitles and descriptions of the package which will most certainly include the words Julia and VS Code in some forms and combinations.

Giving the package a more memorable and unique name isn’t as unnecessary as it may seem in the first place - if not only for the joy of being creative. :slight_smile:


Possibly, but why do you think it matters?

Branding may be relevant if you have competing alternatives. But there is a single julia-vscode. Julia users who use VS Code just find it, install it, get a nice work environment and move on.

Also, call me old-fashioned, but I would leave proposals about name changes to core contributors of a project. Edit: thanks @Impressium.

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They asked for it in the video :slight_smile:
Of course they can do what ever they want


Thank, I did not know this.

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Very nice video btw. I’m excited about vscode for julia :heart:


JCode fancy

Be bold and call it Juno 2.0.

You must admit: “Juno” is just the better name compared to “VS Code for Julia”, so how about bringing the name over (given permission)?


A few possibilities:

  • Judit = JUlia eDITor
  • Juletide = JULia (ET) Integrated Development Environment (ok, ok… a pathetic pun… and possibly too many syllables)
  • Juventus… goddess of youth in Roman mythology. Since Juno was the wife of Jupiter in Roman mythology, why not choose their daughter Juventus as name?
  • Juve… colloquial abbreviation for Juventus (at least wrt. Juventus Football Club from Turin)

I am a Bayern Munich member, so anything remotely related to Juve is not an option, I’m afraid :slight_smile:


Hm. You are making it tricky. :-o

I like the fact that the language support extension has the name of “Julia” in the VS Code marketplace. The same for Python and R.