Name suggestions for VS Code

I’m also a bit unclear on why VS Code + the Julia plugin needs its own name. Yes, that existed for Juno = Atom + Julia plugins, but I feel like that may have been more confusing than helpful. Can someone explain why they feel that having a name for this combo is beneficial?

If a name is deemed necessary, note that the original Juno was not based on Atom, but on LightTable, and the name transferred from one IDE to another, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented to keep the “Juno” name while changing underlying IDEs.

There was also once a bespoke Qt-based IDE for Julia called “Julia Studio”. That was a long time ago, so it may be reasonable to reuse the name, assuming that the creators of the defunct Julia Studio would be ok with it.


codey mc-code-face


I’d also prefer no extra name. Either that or codey mc-code-face, obviously.


Codey McCodeface seems like a reasonable compromise.

Hi everyone,

This naming discussion is happening in multiple locations. Some places I’m aware of include:

On Slack, David mentioned:

We will not change the name of the extension itself in the marketplace, we would probably change the name of the publisher and call the overall effort this new name. We would also use that name in things like discourse forum etc. But the extension in the marketplace itself would still just be called Julia.

So they are not looking for a name of the extension, but rather a name for the organization that publishes the extension.

With that in mind, why not just move the VS Code extension to and keep the name as it is?

[Edit: II actually think it is perfectly fine the way it is though and not sure any name change (extension or org) is necessary.]


I’ll add my vote to the “no extra name” side. I found it a little confusing when starting Julia that there was an IDE called Juno, but that wasn’t the thing that I was downloading. Other people I’ve introduced to the language have had similar moments of confusion. I’d imagine I’m not the only person here who has been asked something along the lines of “What should I be using, Juno or Atom?”


I’d say simply call it “Julia plugin for VScode”.
I found the naming conventions with Julia stuff on Atom slightly disorienting.


Julia + VSCode + IDE = Julium Lab or JuCode Studio

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My vote is that I would totally agree with “no extra name”. One of the nice things about Julia is its simplicity, so lets keep it simple. I was also very confused that there was Juno or Atoms.

Also we must acknowledge that Julia is just an other plugin build on the amazing IDE framework VScode. So I would agree with PetrKryslUCSD and jonniedie that “Julia plugin for VScode” would give justice to the VScode and at the same time Julia developer.

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I think it is quite exaggerated to imply that it would be unethical to give the plugin a name outside of a pure technical description. Many plug-ins have original names, are they unethical?

I agree that Juno = Atom + Julia plugin was confusing, but I also think that “Julia plugin for VSCode” is too clumsy in the long run. Maybe something like Julia Code or Julia Studio could be a reasonable compromise?


It is conceivable that this Julia plugin could be ported to more editors in the future, then it would be advantageous to have a name that is recognizable across platforms.

It is also possible that at some point there could be several competing plug-ins. They can’t all be called “Julia plugin for VS Code”.

Aside from that, I don’t have any suggestions, unfortunately. The only one I really like is “Juno”. But perhaps that would indicate that the original Juno was just ported to VS Code, downplaying the efforts of the original VS Code plugin team.

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“Julia Code” mirrors “VS Code”, and “Julia Studio” reflects both “Visual Studio” and the old Julia Studio. Nice.

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Sorry, I don’t understand what “clumsy” means in this context.

I am not a regular user of VS Code, but I am under the impression that the user selects extensions from a GUI, and that there is no need to type the name in full.

My key concern instead would be discoverability, which suggests that the name includes “Julia” so that it shows up in search results at the top. The name should also be as descriptive and self-explanatory as possible.


For the record: A great feature of VS Code is that it automatically suggests appropriate extensions the first time you open an “unknown” file type. So even if the extension was named “Jabberwocky” it would probably come out on top of the search because it is the most popular extension associated to .jl files.

Nevertheless this does not help somebody who is about to write their first Julia program and wants to get set-up beforehand.


Julia + VS code + IDE = juside: Julia Studio IDE


So it must be JUPP


Thanks, I did not know this. Nevertheless, I imagine that having “Julia” in the name somewhere would streamline the process for most users, instead of having to read a description to learn that this is indeed the right extension.


I like my code to be boring and predictable so I’d vote for something previously suggested names like JuliaVSCode. That being said, before I even read the first post I thought of “Jules” and then was pleasantly surprised by someone else being on a common wavelength.

Edit: Now I kind of want us to save the name Jules for something where we need a new name. I’m really quite fond of it and would hate to see it wasted.

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I agree that a separate name like Juno (Atom + Julia plugins) is more confusing, if it is not a separate product that need its own brand name, like JuliaPro.

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