Moving Juno Discussion here


Seems like people are on board with this so this topic is for discussing the move.

We need to bikeshed a category; Juno’s board has multiple categories (help, dev, news etc). I think that basic questions can probably go with Julia questions in usage and we can use something like Projects/Juno for more in-depth or dev discussion.


Maybe there should be one category Usage/Juno, and one Development/Juno?

There is also the question of other editors, i.e. I’d like to also have a category for e.g. the VS Code julia extension. I don’t think we need a dev category for VS Code at this point (we do that on github, really), but it would be great to have something under Usage. I guess the big question is whether there should be

  1. just Usage/Editors, or
  2. Usage/Juno, Usage/VS Code, Usage/Eclipse and Usage/Other Editors

(2) is a lot of categories…

Hm, honestly, I’d be in favour of something like Usage/Tooling with Juno and VSCode and others as tags. That’d be a bit more general and questions about package management (PkgDev.jl) or linting/debugging (Lint.jl, Gallium.jl) could also be asked there.
If that becomes to confusing we could always create new categories, but I don’t think that’ll happen all that fast.

Yes, Tooling sounds good. Fewer categories is certainly better at this stage, I think.


Iiik :fearful: Nothing against a common Usage/Editors category, but when the main discussion area for a specific tool is here, then a lot of traffic might be generated in future.

What I’m afraid of, is, that this forum will then be flooded with tool specific questions and the ‘Top’, ‘Latest’ and ‘News’ buttons become worthless for ‘real’ Julia subjects. (I searched for possibilities in discourse to filter out categories in Top/Latest/News but couldn’t find something).

As David mentioned we shouldn’t forget other tools/editors. We will see about Atom. But at present there are also people who use Vim, Sublime, Emacs, Eclipse? and of course VS Code. Maybe all such tool-related discussions could be centralized in a separate discourse instance? In the R universe there is e.g. a specific ESS help mailling list and RStudio has its own forum (but some centralization would be good imho)

What about a more light way connection: e.g. a link in the ‘top frame’ of this discourse instance that links to the Juno forum (or to other general/specific Julia related tool fora)?

[Edit: I like the Tooling name. - If it’s about the burden to maintain a separate Juno discourse instance, then it’s a different matter. I appreciate Juno/their work a lot]

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I don’t particularly mind where dev/advanced discussion goes, but I do feel strongly that Usage should remain simple. Newer users aren’t likely to have a good sense for whether the issue they’re seeing is Julia itself, the editor they’re using, or something else, and are more likely to find all the categories overwhelming. It’s best not to add any sub-categorisation unless there’s a clear need.


The current site appears to have less than one new post a day, so it possibly would not overwhelm the mailing list.