Category for VS Code


Could we add a category for the VS Code extension? I’m imagining it being for users. Not sure where it would fit, but maybe a subcategory under Usage? Or have some category for all the editors, and then sub categories for each specific one?


I think an IDEs or Editors category is in order.


Yes a editors category sounds good, with tags for the specific editors.


What about a top level editor or IDE category, and then subcategories for the various editors? I think there might be a lot of traffic for a given editor, that users of other editors really don’t want to read or be notified about. That seems difficult if different editors just have different tags, right?


You can only subscribe to tags instead of subscribing to a category.


The “juno” tag works out pretty well in practice – devs can subscribe to that and anyone else can just ignore them :wink:
A “Tooling” category (which wouldn’t only include editors, but also REPL improvements, debuggers, and stuff like that) would be nice anyways.


I just created a tooling category at