Moscow Julia Meetup #1

Hi all!

I’m very glad to announce first Julia meetup in Moscow. It will take place this Friday at Heuron hackspace.

The idea was to fill the gap: there was no meetup or Julia user group in Moscow, only Telegram group. So, we decided to start one)

As it often happens, initial organizers fill slots at first event to keep things rolling. I’ll give a short overview of Julia tools for ML, and Vladimir Filonov, one of the founders of Moscow Python community, will overview backend dev and web frameworks in Julia.

We do not expect too many participants, as Julia community is still quite small in Msk, but we know pretty well, that any big thing starts from small one)

Registration link (in Russian)

We would be happy to see anyone, who’s in the area) Cheers!


Hi! Missed that one and most probably will miss the second, which is today.

Do not want to miss the next one. Can you spare a telegram link for a channel/group?

hi Dmitry! take it please :slight_smile: