Missing ascii/unicode

When I run

for i in 1:3000 print(Char(i)) end

many of the characters appeared as question marks. I understand that this is most likely an windows OS problem, but just wondering if anyone have encountered this issue before and know a solution.

I have just installed Julia 1.6, and because of the above mentioned problem, the check marks and wheels in the picture below are shown as question marks.

Thank you!

basically the font you’re using doesn’t have those characters.


There are always going to be gaps in a sweep from 1 to 3000 - the Unicode tables aren’t too tightly packed, and there are empty spaces scattered through the code pages, like gaps in shelves in a library.

If you’re using a terminal/command-line environment, jerry has the answer above.

If you’re using a Jupyter notebook in a browser, you should be able to see all the characters in fonts that your browser has access to. The more fonts you have installed, the more likely it is that one of them will have the characters that the browser is looking for. (At least, if font fallbacks are enabled, which I hope includes Windows…)

If your browser can see these “half-moon” characters - [“◐”,“◓”,“◑”,“◒”] - you should be OK…I think?

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As noted here, you should install the Windows Terminal rather than using the built-in Console. (The Terminal has much better Unicode support because it supports fallback fonts, like your browser — if the current font doesn’t have a character, it will fall back to other fonts in your system.) It also wouldn’t hurt to get a font with better Unicode coverage, like JuliaMono.


Thank you for pointing out the real problem for me. By installing a few new fonts, I was able to make some but not all of the previous missing symbols to show correctly, I guess I just have to try a few more fonts. Thank you!

Yes, I’m using the Brave browser, and the four half-moons does appears correctly on the browser, but not on the Julia console (maybe the wheels are not exactly the half-moons, not sure). However, as suggested by stevengj, use Windows Terminal instead of the default Julia console helps a lot.

And getting new fonts does fixed some of the question marks.

Thank you!

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Yes!!! I am able see the check marks and wheels (or half-moons) during the precompilation process with the Windows Terminal, this makes things a lot more prettier .

Thank you!

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