Unicode mac windows portability

Hi all,
I just had an issue during one of my lectures. I provided the students a notebook with pre-filled information. The notebook was edited on a mac using VScode jupyter editor.
One variable name was called χ̇ but when students opened the notebook (on Windows) the variable name was splat into 2 adjacent characters χ and . which lead to obvious problems.
So my question is: has anyone else had this problem? And is there any cure besides avoiding unicode (which student enjoy!)?

It’s probably a font issue — your Windows font has worse Unicode coverage and/or worse fallback support. Try https://juliamono.netlify.app/


thanks for the answer, this font looks great!
Unfortunately I guess that all students would also need to install the font on their own computer (or worse, the computer of the computer room). This is yet another layer of complexity, so I guess I’ll just avoid unicode with students for the time being.