Meetup at Leibniz IPHT in Jena

Dear Julia Enthusiasts in Jena (JEJ),

we would like to organize a seminar on Julia Lang and its tools. We are mainly using Julia for microscopy and image processing related tasks. Hence possible talks and topics could be:

  • Developing workflow (Pluto.jl, IJulia.jl, Revise)
  • Image handling in Julia (Images.jl, Napari.jl, View5D.jl, …)
  • Data handling (DataFrames.jl, HDF5.jl)
  • Machine Learning (Flux.jl , SciML)
  • Optics related tools (FourierTools.jl, PSFs.jl)
  • your own project, tasks, ideas, plans or solutions!

We can’t cover all topics and hence we would be happy to welcome contributions and talks from your side! If you’ve used any Julia related package in your research, feel free to share your experience.

The first date of the seminar would be 10th of May 2022 at 10:30AM at the Leibniz IPHT in Jena. We meet at the entrance and go to Room 225.

The seminars are meant to be open and interactive. But of course, regular talks on research with focus on Julia Lang are suited as well.

Please give any kind of feedback and leave a comment if your’re interested!


@RainerHeintzmann & Felix


Thanks a lot for organizing this. I am definitely interested, I am at MPI-BGC just 50 meters distance from IPHT. I might present some of my work related to data handling, especially Zarr.jl or DiskArrays.jl if that is of interest to some of you.


Hi all,

the first JEJ meeting took place today!

Next date: Tuesday 24th of May Tuesday 3:30PM
Where: Room 225 at the Leibniz IPHT in Jena
Topic: VSCode Remote development & N dimensional data processing by @fabiangans

See you all,


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Dear all,

@fabiangans should we host the next JEJ meeting at the MPI BGC?

Please vote for a date in week 24 (13.6. - 17.6)

  • Montag 16:00
  • Dienstag, 10:00
  • Mittwoch 16:00
  • Donnerstag 16:00

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Hi all!

To revive the JEJs, we created a JEJ Meetup group.

Feel free to join to get updated about Julia in Jena!