3 PhD Positions on: Deep Learning on data cubes for answering question on Earth system dynamics

Dear Julia GEO community,
we have three PhD Positions (m/f/x) available at the newly established Remote Sensing Centre for Earth System Research (RSC4Earth) in Leipzig, Germany on

  1. Deep Learning for Vegetation Parameter Retrieval from Spectral Data
  2. Reservoir Computing for predicting Ecosystem Anomalies
  3. Understanding Forest Stress from High-dimensional Data Cubes

Candidates ideally have …

  • Enthusiasm for understanding the complexity of Earth system dynamics
  • Proficiency in multivariate statistics, machine learning, optimisation and interest in learning about dynamical systems or ecosystem ecology
  • Good programming / scripting skills (Julia, Python, R … )
  • Experience working with state-of-the-art remote sensing data, Zarr-data cubes etc…

… but we are fully aware that a PhD project is a time for learning! So if these items catch your attention please have a look at the description and don’t hesitate to get in touch: Job altert

Miguel Mahecha


Hey Miguel, I’m also a Julia user at Leipzig University (although in a different field, bioinformatics and ML). I wasn’t aware of other groups/labs here using Julia, this is pretty cool, do you know even more?

Hey, nice. Good opportunities with great potential. Probably, it will be a good idea to also announce it in the slack channel, #geo.

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We are few, see also @gdkrmr … but hope to become more! Looking forward to meet you!

My pleasure! If you ever plan to found a local users group like, for example, the Berlin guys, feel free to leave me a message.

I have assisted at a meeting of the Munich Julia group, it was really fun! I am definitely up for a Julia group in Leipzig.


I would be also interested in a meet up. I’m working in computational microscopy at the IPHT in Jena, not too far away :grin:


Let’s have one then, I’m also in Jena. Probably, Leipzig-Jena ?


Sounds good! I’ve never done that, what would be the typical way to set up such a group? Should we create a Meetup group, or what would be the preferred platform for you?

The meetup in Munich was simply organized over its own discourse topic and finally over email with the participants.

Rien ne va plus!


pushing all people around Jena!

We announced a meetup for next week!