@manipulate with JSServe instead of WebIO?

If I understand correctly, JSServe.jl provides functionality similar to WebIO.jl without the need of a Jupyter extension. Is there any reason one couldn’t implement the @manipulate macro of Interact.jl using JSServe instead of WebIO? Is there already a package for this?

Context: that dreaded “WebIO not detected” message came up again. The real culprit is probably a mess of Python environments but I’d love to have something like @manipulate working in all notebook clients and without having to deal with an extension.

@piever and I have been planning to do that, but haven’t found the time yet!
It should be fairly straightfoward I suppose (famous last words) :wink:


That’s great to hear!

I am not sure that JSServe will work in a notebook.
When I use JSServe in a jupyterlab console or in a notebook I can slide the sliders but nothing change in the notebook. The value of the sliders don’t change, same thing for dropdown.
It is working only in a new web browser window, electron window or vscode plot panel.

Can you open an issue with the exact details ?
It should work in jupyterlab, but jupyterlab didnt make it particularly easy to make it work reliably

Sorry, I was quite busy and as it was working well without jupyterlab it was fine for me.
I will do it today.