WGLMakie with Jupyter on server

Hello Julia Community,

I struggle to get WGLMakie working on a Jupyter Lab. I have a notebook with the following cells:

# Cell 1
using Pkg;
#using JSServe;
using WGLMakie

#Cell 2
xs = 1:5;ys = vec(rand(1,5));
scatter(xs, ys)

The result of the second cell is “Not Found”.

Having the same Notebook running on my local machine instead of the server, everything works well and the plot is shown. I read about the JSServe package and tried to get it running as you can see above (commented code). But then I get a warning with

┌ Warning: Waiting for page sessions to load.
│                 This can happen for the first cells to run, or is indicative of faulty state
└ @ JSServe */local/home/dir/*.julia/packages/JSServe/nr6yD/src/display.jl:162

On a local notebook it has the same output with JSServe.

FYI: I use jupyter lab through conda. A Julia-1.7.2 kernel is running. Jupyter itself is running well and also calculations can be done. Only WGLMakie is problematic, but needed.

Thank you in advance