MakieGallery's fate

According to its README, “MakieGallery is deprecated. Testing got moved to AbstractPlotting, and the Makie documentation contains now important examples.”

The Makie docs are OK for learning the basics but MakieGallery was a great source to learn how to do more advanced stuff. I guess maybe it was retired because it was difficult to keep every example up to date with a changing API, but whatever the reason it’s too bad that it’s no longer available as a resource.

Are there any plans to resurrect the gallery in some way? It seems that the tests in AbstractPlotting are useful to look at but the great thing about MakieGallery was that you could quickly search for something and see visually if a particular example suited your needs. Are the outputs from running the tests in AbstractPlotting viewable somewhere online? Or if not can the tests be run locally and the output be viewed?


Not an official gallery, but here it is mine.


Ooh, nice! Is that generated automatically, or otherwise kept up to date with the latest Makie?

@lazarusA Can you save mine :pray:


I’m actually totally up for revamping the gallery. Contrary to what you said though, it was definitely not a good way to find out about advanced plots. Some of them maybe, but it was also full of basic and random stuff that was neither a good test nor good example. I’d be interested in building a high quality collection of examples that are real showcases, while the docs should have basic examples of the building blocks.


it’s up to date, and if something doesn’t work please let me know. :smiley:

I’ve added these examples to the respective plotting function example pages jk/add gallery examples by jkrumbiegel · Pull Request #678 · JuliaPlots/AbstractPlotting.jl · GitHub

Although in my opinion, the surface example borders on being too complex for that section.

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I agree that the surface is perhaps to complex for that section, that’s why I was happy to put it into Lazarus’ examples. But admittedly, it looks very nice. Your call.

Maybe over time the categories can separate a bit more. As we don’t have a gallery replacement right now, I think it’s better it’s visible in the plotting functions section rather than getting lost

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I just included the Jupyter notebook for the Easter bunny [new example in the gallery], and his eggs.


Agree with the OP on the importance of the makieGallery as examples to help newcomers, the current state of makie documentation is highly confusing. As ‘random’ as it were, the examples helped my team to make quick interactive Viz last year on Makie v0.11 using the GLMakie v0.1 backend.

I can see there’s been multiple updates on both Makie and it’s dependencies which made us want to update to the latest. Which to our big surprise, has totally broken most of the examples. E.g. we used sliders/buttons/vbox/hbox etc which the API for it now appears totally changed.

At the moment i couldn’t find any examples in the Makie.jl documentation for any of these updated elements. If not for @lazarusA’s examples i’d have no clue what the API for the new slider is supposed to work. I’m still trying to figure this out for all the other changed interfaces.

Not sure if i’m missing a major piece of documentation somewhere (especially for the interactions?), but if there is a plan to revive/update MakieGallery for the current version of Makie i’d be keen to contribute, once I get some use cases figured out…

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ups, I haven’t added the examples with sliders into the new Beautiful Makie, will do that as soon as possible. In the mean time you can check this one, which includes menus and sliders. (here you see how it looks like) and here is the code MakieNotebooks/sphericalHarmonicsPlot.jl at main · lazarusA/MakieNotebooks · GitHub

And from the docs, you can read from here on to know more. Menu · Makie Plotting Ecosystem


Thanks for putting out the additional examples, with your examples and some some effort (also realising that the docs have moved into the MakieLayouts section) I have managed to figure out sliders.

For me it was just confusing why all the old APIs stopped working/the makie gallery hasn’t updated, so perhaps some additional warning on the documentation for us users that haven’t followed the Makie development quite as closely (though we really should!) would be good.