BeautifulMakie new domain

Thanks to @sdanisch from now on BeautifulMakie will live at

a new design is now up and a bunch of new examples are already there. Just a few from the previous version are missing. Still transitioning.

Also, thanks to the Julia Community for supporting the project, we are almost at 300 stars :smile: . Hopefully with this transition I will do less work on this.


Looks definitely beautiful! This is the third most beautiful thing you’ve ever made :slight_smile: my friend.


Very nice, thank you for all of the inspiration! One thing that I think would be nice is to bring back the gallery view - often I’m skimming thumbnails of plots trying to think about how to best visualize datasets and have used the old BM in this way multiple times.

Either way, great work, thanks!

Thanks for your work on this @lazarusA ! I have to agree with previous comments, landing in the home page without a single plot to see, let alore a gallery view, is a bit weird! Please consider having a gallery view (even a limited one), in the webpage!

Agree with this - some “small multiples” of various plots would be a welcome - even expected - addition to the landing page (eg like this :joy:)

That’s awesome, I was looking for something like this some time ago, big thanks @lazarusA !
Also has anyone encountered people using Makie to plot any of these?

  • Phylogeny plots
  • UpSet plots (alternative to Venn diagrams)

Uhhhh, love it! I might add some AoG.jl examples because I think that’s where we can really compete with R’s ggplot2 (combining “normal” plots and grammar of graphics stuff)!


yes, please do! I was planning on doing some simple ones. However, AoG needs compatibility bump. Currently it downgrades makie :frowning: . But, sure the section is already there, is just a matter of adding the examples.


PR’s are always welcome. I know that @jules did the second one [UpSet plots] and shared it on slack. it will be good to recover that one so that we can add it.

This was the upset plot I did at the time: upset · GitHub

First impressions from somebody who hasn’t had a chance to use Makie yet, coming through this through the Discourse summary:

  • Title page: “Welcome to Beautiful Makie. Makie is a high-performance, extendable, and multi-platform plotting ecosystem for the Julia programming language. For more examples go to the different menu sections. See also the official documentation.” But what is Beautiful Makie? After clicking around a bit, it seems like it might be some sort of example compilation, but I’m really not sure.

  • Why is there a “Warning” callout at the bottom of every example page? Is this for the version information (the intended nesting isn’t obvious to me)? If so, it’s probably better to hide that away by default, rather than drawing attention to it.

  • Assuming my assumption of this being intended as an inspiring gallery of examples is correct, it might be nice to put the produced plots front and centre. Maybe put the graphics at the top of the page, rather than below the (very lengthy for the impressive data viz examples) source code, and have a gallery page showing tiles with each plot type rather than a textual navigation menu.