Makie Ticks - hide tick but keep label

Is there anyway to hide the small tick mark but keep the tick label - I’m having a terrible time navigating the current documentation. Love Makie so far - just can’t find things in the documentation.

I have this:

And I want to get rid of the little tick marks next to the heat map segments and retain just the label. Is that possible?


I guess you could ticksize=0?!
Just an idea, didn’t try.

It’s yticksvisible, it should be in the list of Attributes when doing ?Axis. Although I agree that a huge list like that is not easy to visually parse.

Thank you Jules. I was just sifting through the online documentation. I think that might be a work in progress. Thanks for the REPL search term. Is there any place that all these are listed online or in Markie’s help? That would help me a ton.