Axis Tick Labels in Makie.jl

Is it possible in Makie to have x-axis or y-axis tick labels that are non-numeric? I couldn’t see a way to do this in the documentation. For example, if I plot a bar chart, can the x-axis be a label like “Group 1” or “January”?

It’s a biiit awkward, but works in principle - just needs some polish:

barplot(1:3, rand(3), 
    limits = FRect3D(Vec3f0(0, 0, 0), Vec3f0(4, 1, 0)), # limits don't get automatically taken from ranges
    axis = NT(ticks = NT(
        labels = (["😸", "♡", "𝕴"], ["β ÷ δ", "22", "≙"]),
        ranges = (1:3, range(0, stop=1, length = 3)) # ranges don't get adapted to number of labels, so one needs to supply them