Asking again about tick labels in Makie

Hellos :vulcan_salute:
I come upon this post of how to change tick labels with Makie, but is it not working because NT is not defined. Looking at Makie documentation, the solution should be the function:

xticks!([scene,]; xtickranges=xtickrange(scene), xticklabels=xticklabel(scene))

My question is simple, how do I make use of this function ?
One, from many, attempts was:

using AbstractPlotting, CairoMakie
scene = Scene(resolution = (1000, 1000))
scatter!(rand(10),log10.(rand(10)), marker=:rect, color=RGBf0(0.003921, 0.423529, 0.349019))
scatter!(rand(10),log10.(rand(10)), marker=:cross, color=RGBf0(0.403921, 0.662745, 0.811764))

axis = scene[Axis]
axis[:names, :axisnames]= ("bbb", "uuu")

AbstractPlotting.xticks!(scene; xtickranges = [0.11, 0.22, 0.77], xticklabels =["0.11", "sss", "po99"])

Thank You, and don’t forget to stay home and drink